The AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund and the Public Engagement Summer School are administered by the TORCH Graduate Project Coordinators, Emily Knight and Rhea Sookdeosingh.

Emily is a D.Phil candidate in History of Art at the University of Oxford supervised by Professor Hanneke Grootenboer. Her research focuses on posthumous portraiture in the late eighteenth to early nineteenth centuries in Britain, considering the ways in which these works became a language for mourning and commemoration. She completed her Masters in History of Art and Visual Culture at Oxford in 2012 and before that, studied for her undergraduate degree in the same subject at the University of Edinburgh. In addition to her research and role as TORCH Graduate Project Coordinator, she also runs RECSO (Romanticism and Eighteenth Century Research Oxford), a research network supported by TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre of the Humanities). | @eamknight

rheaRhea is a D.Phil candidate in History at the University of Oxford, working on the History of Medicine at the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine. Her research is on the emergence of Anorexia Nervosa as a medical diagnosis in the late nineteenth century, and her thesis seeks to situate this diagnosis in the context of broader medical ideas about women’s bodies and women’s health, normative sociocultural expectations about femininity and food, and women’s own ideas about eating, non-eating and their bodies. She consults medical texts, household management and conduct literature, and women’s life writing to explore the ways in which women’s relationship with food was problematized, idealized and experienced in the late nineteenth century. In addition to her role as TORCH Graduate Project Coordinator, Rhea is also Welfare Officer for the OHGN (Oxford History Graduate Network), a graduate-run network for history students supported by the History Faculty.

For information about past and current graduate projects in the Humanities at the University of Oxford please contact Emily and Rhea at gradprojects@humanities.ox.ac.uk


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