Student Peer Review College

The Student Peer Review College exists to examine and select the best applications from those who apply to the AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund. Reviewers are selected from current graduate students in theHumanities Division at Oxford based on demonstrated interest and experience, before being trained   in peer review technique. The Student Peer Review College is in place to ensure the most equitable and rigorous selection process possible, while also offering valuable experience and training to its members.

Feedback from members:

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed my two years as member of the TORCH-AHRC Student Peer Review College. Not only has it been fascinating to learn about the range of projects organised by fellow postgraduates in the Humanities, but it has also afforded me a real insight into the different individual and collaborative stages of larger-scale peer review colleges that are so essential today to research councils’ (such as the AHRC’s) decision making processes.’

‘I have really enjoyed my experience working on the Student Peer Review College.  The projects that I got to consider were very exciting and innovative.  Moreover, the whole experience was very helpful in that it taught me how to write proposals of my own.’